Self-cleaning and low-maintenance

Cashmere wool always retains a measure of wool wax known as lanolin. This lanoline is dirt-repellent and keeps bacteria out. As such, cashmere requires next to no maintenance. All you need to do to keep your plaid nice and fresh is air it out every once in a while. If it gets stained by any chance, you can wash it as well. Just take our maintenance recommendations to heart, and you will have a plaid that lasts a lifetime:

Airing out

  • Only ever hang your plaid up outside when it’s dry, and always keep it out of the sun.
  • Air out your plaid on a frosty day once every year; the cold will open up the wool fibres, eliminating any odours that may have permeated the fabric so that your plaid will be as new once more.


  • Wash your plaid by hand in cold water (in a clean bathtub, for instance), and use special detergent for woollen fabrics.


  • Spread the soaking wet plaid out on towels and use the flat surface of your hands to press the water down.
  • Then lay out some dry towels and spread the plaid out on them to dry. Be patient; it will take a while, but you will get the best results that way,


  • If you want to have your plaid deep-cleaned, choose a dry-cleaner that offers a special wool/cashmere service.


  • Never wring out your plaid,  chlorine or bleach, iron it or machine-dry it.